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2023 - 2024 Season


Star Course is a live-concert promotion and production organization run by students for fellow UIUC students and for the Champaign-Urbana community. Members participate in all levels of event planning – from booking artists and designing ad campaigns to organizing ticket sales or staffing house and backstage positions on the day of show. Star Course is about diversity in music, creativity in learning, and friendship in community.

Star Course is the University of Illinois’s oldest student-run organization dating back to 1892. Designed to contract, promote, and stage campus entertainment, Star Course brought its first orchestra to the University in 1912. Throughout the past century the organization has broadened its scope to alternative, rock, comedy, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and soul acts. Today Star Course focuses on providing a diverse selection of popular entertainment to the University and the C-U community. In 2022, Star Course celebrated 130 years of entertainment at UIUC.

Star Course is a non-profit, student-operated organization under the advisory of the State Farm Center in Champaign, IL. As a university talent-buying group, Star Course is remarkably independent. While many schools have small entertainment boards comprised of both faculty and students, Star Course is all students from top to bottom.

Each year, Star Course selects 2 Senior Managers and 12 Junior Managers to lead staff through the promotion and production process. Senior Managers contract an average of 2 to 3 shows per semester, and Junior Managers direct staff through each phase of show preparation, marketing, and production.

Star Course members are required to participate in both non-day of show and day of show activities. All members will assist with the marketing in the weeks leading up to a show and will also have the option of working with either the Tickets or Stage & Security committees for the day of show. Star Course is devoted to providing a student learning opportunity for members about the inner workings of the music industry.

Staff members should be prepared for all-staff meetings, committee meetings, and regular member events. Show dates vary throughout the semester and time commitment varies with the climate of the concert industry. Due to the short-term,fast-paced nature of the industry, staff should be prepared to be on-call and ready for action throughout the semester.

Star Course is about building a community of friends around music and sharing working, learning, and social experiences. Members come into contact with hundreds of new people and are exposed to new types of music. Frequent show meetings and member events give staff the opportunity build friendships and share experiences around music.

Star Course accepts new members at the beginning of each Fall and Spring Semester. Managers are looking for new members who are interested in learning about the concert industry, willing to make the necessary time commitment for putting on shows, or simply love music. Contact us to learn more.



Graphic Design
Creates print and radio advertisements for upcoming shows. Designs content and layout of the Star Course web site.

Ad Media
Places ads with newspapers and radio stations and organizes ticket giveaway promotions. Coordinates media-artist relations.

Oversees group marketing efforts and executes marketing plan by distributing advertising materials to the community. Organizes contests and other online or on-campus promotions.

Member Operations
Manages staff roster, monitors staff involvement, and organizes internal communication.

Plans and hosts social events throughout the school year to promote community among members.

Social Media
Manages online presence and social media accounts.


Arranges all catering and hospitality efforts for the artist.

Stage and Security
Staffs backstage, production hand, and security positions. Works with venue and production crews for load-in and load-out of artist equipment.

Manages ticket sales and comps distribution with the event venue. Collects and sells tickets on the day of show.

House and Event Services
Coordinates front of house staffing including ushers, ticket takers, door guards, and assistants to merchandise vendors.

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